A digital image of pale pink neon strobe lights shooting across a dense cityscape.

Views of Planet City


Is it possible to design a socially and environmentally sustainable city for seven billion people? Views of Planet City imagines what the world might look like if humanity were to reverse the urban sprawl, and its entire human population were to be housed inside a single, hyperdense megalopolis. Drawing on the ideas of pioneering scientists and futurists and projecting on the basis of already gestating technologies, Views of Planet City challenges dystopian visions of the cities of tomorrow and offers an alternative vision: a scenario in which urbanization at a planetary scale is not incompatible with the safeguarding of Earth’s biodiversity. The project sheds light on various aspects of the Planet City hypothesis through presentations of speculative design, design fiction, and simulation.

Still image from "The Vertical Farms of Planet City," 2023, Liam Young. Designed and Directed by Liam Young, VFX supervisor Alexey Marfin, Costume Producer Ane Crabtree. ©Liam Young.

SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture)

960 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles

MON-SUN: 10am-6pm

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