Photograph of a cream colored sculpture made of metal rods covered with hessian sacks which have plants in them.

Free the Land! Free the People! A Study of the Crenshaw Dairy Mart "abolitionist pod": Public Programming


Through the healing powers of the arts, the Crenshaw Dairy Mart (CDM) addresses poverty, economic injustice, and prison abolition in Los Angeles County. In 2021, CDM began prototyping and building abolitionist pods - autonomously irrigated, solar-powered gardens within geodesic domes - with communities impacted by food insecurity, housing insecurity, and the prison industrial complex. Offered alongside workshops on food justice, art, and healing justice, CDM's abolitionist pod project reimagines community care and models how art and science can collectively address social issues. CDM’s programming will accompany an exhibition about the abolitionist pod project and its evolution across Los Angeles County. Events will include health and wellness workshops using herbs and flowers, organic gardening and micro-farming workshops, a community farmers market, and at Black farmers’ meet-ups.

Crenshaw Dairy Mart abolitionist pod at the Hilda L. Solis Care First Village in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA. 2022. Documentation by Gio Solis. Courtesy of the Crenshaw Dairy Mart.

Crenshaw Dairy Mart

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