Photograph of a human figure in a red basketball cap holding up leaves above his head. Snow is on the ground and in the trees.

Breath(e): Toward Climate and Social Justice


The lungs of our planet—oceans, forests, and the atmosphere—are under threat, invaded by carbon emissions, plastics, and man-made pollutants. The act of breathing was rendered even more perilous by the COVID-19 pandemic and police brutality. Breath(e): Toward Climate and Social Justice considers the connections between climate change, environmental justice, and social justice through the lens of contemporary art. The indoor/outdoor exhibition brings together approximately 35 works focused on climate change by a group of intergenerational contemporary artists, scientists, and activists, addressing anthropogenic disasters such as deforestation, ocean acidification, coral reef bleaching, water pollution, extraction, and atmospheric politics. Six major new commissions, including a bee sculpture by Garnett Puett and a living garden created by Ron Finley, go beyond the art world to make tangible contributions to the protection of our climate.

First round of material and light testing with handmade paper samples from abaca and flax created at Dieu Donné residency, NY. Cannupa Hanska Luger at the artist’s studio, Glorieta, NM, Feb. 2023. Courtesy of the artist. ©Cannupa Hanska Luger.

Hammer Museum

10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

TUE-SUN: 1am-6pm

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